Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Blog Day 1: Two Column Layout in Minima

The basics first:

  1. Chose the blog name.
  2. Established a supporting email name.
  3. Picked a suitable twitter name.
  4. Led by the hand, accepted the standard two column Minima template.
  5. Arranged a standard set of page elements including Google Adsense & Contact Details.
  6. Posted by first blog entry to get some working content up there.
  7. Removed the name of the author on the blog posts.
  8. Added a 'HTML/Javascript' page element and lifted the contact details plugin (top right) as well as the 'follow me on twitter' html from my other blog into the page element.
  9. You must have seen that at the botton of your blogger template there is a Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) link. Blogger has added it so that the blog visitors can subscribe to your Atom feeds. However many people use RSS for their blog feeds . Moreover it occupies space at the bottom of the template and it doesn't look nice. As such, removed it.
  10. Added a LABELS element to keep track on the POSTs made.
  11. Added the blog URL to Google.
  12. Drank a beer.

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